Want Better Videos?


It’s no secret that videos now play a very important role in social media marketing. They are a wonderful relief to the handwork of reading 🤪.

While I trust you are employing the use of videos, how effective have they been? If it’s not increasing engagement or conversions, then you’re likely doing something wrong.

A common culprit for this is having long videos. There’s a reason IG limits videos on their feeds to 59s. Facebook has been trying to push for 15s videos. The truth is unless what you’re saying is extremely interesting, most people get bored and tune out quickly.

Even if you’ve got a long message, best to break it down into easy to digest mini videos each under a minute. This way, you don’t bore your customers, and you have more content for other days 😉.

One last bit- if you are camera shy, and need something unique that will help you stand out from the rest, you need one of our Animated Videos. They hit all the right spots; catchy, fun, shareable, and deliver your messages. Simply put, they are 🔥🔥🔥.