Should you be buying leads for your business?

I still don’t get it. My wife is a clean freak, and every single thing has got to be in order around the house. It’s one of the things that drives her nuts with me, because I just won’t be bothered. For her, it has all got to be prim and proper. Well, everything except her laptop’s desktop. That singular spot looks like a war zone the likes of which you have never seen.

You would expect that we would have that in common. But ironically, that seems to be the only place I am particular about keeping totally organized. Everything must be arranged in proper folders, in an exact position on the desktop. Anything out of place almost drives me nuts. As a fact, the only thing that irks me more is receiving unsolicited emails from people I don’t know.

Yes, those SPAM emails that sneak into your inbox advertising god knows what. The venom I use to delete them while screaming cuss words in my mind 😠.

Buying leads and SPAM

The interesting thing is that while my reaction might be extreme, the vast majority of people do not take well to spam; all unsolicited intrusive advertising. Leads generation is integral to the success of any business, but building your own leads list or bank takes time and considerable effort. So, it is easy to fall for the temptation of buying leads when it’s up for sale (pre-packaged email list, phone numbers, etc).

Unfortunately, the effects of spamming is bad for your brand. The contacts you get have no prior connection to you, so there’s a kickback. At best, a few will respond, while the rest ignore you. Most times, a good number mark you as spam. And, most platforms will block you when they feel you are a spammer. This makes it difficult to even carryout your regular activities afterwards.

Your best bet is to roll up your sleeves, and begin to build your own leads bank. For more strategies on how to generate leads, check out our post on leads generation. Whatever you do, avoid the temptation of buying leads that have been pre-generated.

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